In my early thirties but sometimes feel like a teenager.
  1. Best: you feel freer by realizing that not everyone is staring at you if you have a pimple. They don't really care.
  2. Worst: all of your friends are too busy to notice you have a pimple.
  3. Best: you've had enough life experience that you don't sweat the small stuff. You can put things in perspective.
  4. Worst: you've had enough life experience to know that nothing is really as simple as it seems.
  5. Best: you are much smarter in many ways. You can synthesize all of the different things you've learned over the years.
  6. Worst: your brain is really tired from learning all of that stuff. Basic math is really hard.
  7. Best: you've made so many good friends from so many places: school, camp, work, friends of friends.
  8. Worst: your good friends live all over the country (or out of the country). They are all starting to have kids and you haven't spoken to them in two years.
  9. Best: you start to learn to accept yourself as you are.
  10. Worst: who you are is tired, saggy, and achy.