Starting watching the show with my grandmother when I was little. Never got the sexual innuendos until I grew up
  1. Bea Arthur. Betty White. Rue Mclanahan. Estelle Getty.
    Enough said
  2. Classic comic timing
  3. Dorothy and Sophia enter the mother daughter pageant at Shady Pines. Sophia comes out dressed like Sonny Bono. Dorothy is Cher.
    It gets me every time.
  4. St. Olaf.
    I think the herring circus wars is my favorite
  5. The show addresses issues that were so ahead of its time/needed to be discussed
    Gay rights, AIDS, sexual abuse, immigration, education, drug adduction, homelessness, suicide, dignified aging, just to name a few
  6. Rose and Blanche dancing the tango
    In classic neon gym clothes of course
  7. George Clooney as a sweet young cop who moves in with the ladies for one episode
  8. It is damn funny!!