AKA what the people are searching for these days.
  1. Will I...am
    Only to be followed by the second most popular "Will I" autocomplete: "Will I ever get married?" Ergo (by terrible logic), the most popular question asked is "Will I ever marry will.i.am?"
  2. How do you...spell?
    I like this one just on its own with no other modifiers.
  3. Who is...Rey in Star Wars?
    Answer: she is kick ass
  4. Who is...Snoke?
    This is second after "Who is Rey?" Wow, people really like Star Wars.
  5. Do you...want to build a snowman?
    Now I will have the song in my head for the next 48 hours.
  6. How do I...get home?
    Another philosophical question. Just click your heels three times.
  7. Where...am I?
    This is a great question in general and especially helpful for those searching for how to get home.