Recent Google autocompletes

AKA what the people are searching for these days.
  1. Will
    Only to be followed by the second most popular "Will I" autocomplete: "Will I ever get married?" Ergo (by terrible logic), the most popular question asked is "Will I ever marry"
  2. How do you...spell?
    I like this one just on its own with no other modifiers.
  3. Who is...Rey in Star Wars?
    Answer: she is kick ass
  4. Who is...Snoke?
    This is second after "Who is Rey?" Wow, people really like Star Wars.
  5. Do you...want to build a snowman?
    Now I will have the song in my head for the next 48 hours.
  6. How do I...get home?
    Another philosophical question. Just click your heels three times.
  7. I?
    This is a great question in general and especially helpful for those searching for how to get home.