1. Pronto Xi
    Bullshit operating system. Slow, clunky, case sensitive. I hope the cunt that approved it is dead.
  2. Working from my home office
    So very hard to not go sit on the couch, watch TV and eat toast
  3. No one answers their phone.
    Is it SO hard to answer when i call? Fuck man, i need your correspondence- NOW, not in 10 minutes.
  4. My printer died
    Not my works fault. But fuck them anyway.
  5. Its impossible to organise freight from Melbourne without paperwork being lodged.
    Sometimes you need to bend the rules to get shit done. Sometimes i need a fucking carton of ware wash chemical to Broken Hill straight away and i need it to be free. I don't need your questions, i just need it sorted now- FUCK!
  6. Bonus 'thing'
    Professional talk amongst colleagues. Knock it off asshole, just call me mate.