1. Racist Michael Cera on amino acids
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  2. Someones step mum who can't spell
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  3. This brickies labourer getting pepper sprayed
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  4. The guy that works as a concreter and drinks Jimmy cans
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  5. That tennis players crazy dad
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  6. Some friends dancing like puppets
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  7. THAT guy that buys shitty Oakley glasses
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  8. THAT guy that buys shitty Oakley glasses and gets crunched by a bitch with a stick.
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  9. Guy who watched Straight Out Of Compton the night before
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  10. Shitty rollerblade squad
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  11. A girl that's allergic to bukkake
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  12. A racist Belieber
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  13. Police choking the bad guy from Bad Boys 2
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  14. Convicted criminals
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