1. There will be no more wada or asada or llamas or... Win or lose appeal, its done. There will be no more bullshit court dates.
  2. Jobe is back
  3. Myers is back
  4. Hocking is back
  5. All three are clearance players who didn't play much in 2015. This caused outsiders like Hepp, Zaka and BJ to do the heavy lifting that they're not good at doing.
  6. Joey will have another preseason and 100 games under his belt. This kid will be the mother fucking shiz when he grows up!
  7. Buckets is gone. Great set of hands, but cant kick. Cant run fast, cant keep up with mobile forwards and is clearly mentally fragile. Why would he take Hooker or Hurleys KP defender positions? He wouldn't so fuck that guy and his cocaine habit.
  8. Woosha has cleaned house. The man knows how to manage, and he seems to have the full support of everyone. Unlike our hero who had 22 followers and a bunch of back room Judas mother fuckers going against him; Woosha wont have the internal politics Sir Hird or Sheeds had.
  9. Leuey and TBC. Are we forgetting TBC was a 35 goal, top ten ruck two years ago? Homeboy can seriously play. He just needs a clear run and some help. Leuey, SMack and no more subs give him that.
  10. The Merretts, Laverde, Langford, Edwards can seriously play. Watch Laverde off the ball. His running patterns are spot on. Always into space and has great vision. He's a copy of Jack Gunston.
  11. Top Ten draft pics. Even if they pick another Kepler Bradley- very little chance of fucking up two picks in that lot!
  12. Hepp no longer gets the tag. Jobe is back, and BJ will be free to deliver the ball properly. Hepp will be able to play footy like he always has.
  13. No sub means Joey can have a tall as help all game. Can take three talls/ rucks into the game and rotate them forward. That leaves Joey mostly one out on a defender.
  14. Well... Really... How could it get any worse than what has already been?