Some come & go and play with your heart in their limited release, but they leave their mark forever.
  1. Diablo: Stupidest limited release ever, considering it's the best sauce to ever be made. Tongue-burning heaven. Good thing I'm Indian & stocked up for a while.
  2. Lava Sauce: Came & went with the Volcano taco, but according to my influx of text messages, it's back for a bit.
  3. Creamy Jalapeño Sauce: Lava Sauce's decent tasting cousin. I pledged my loyalty to it so it had better stick around & be in it for the long haul.
  4. Hot: Tried & true, it doesn't try to be what it's not.
  5. Fiery Ghost Pepper: won't be able to commit so I'm not getting sucked in just to watch it go.
  6. Fire: Not fiery-er than Hot. A few drops in addition to other sauces just so it doesn't feel bad.
  7. Mild: NEVER. Have your food SAUCELESS before using this failure as a sauce.