*Not in any particular order, since all of these are pretty bad* You deserve someone who is much better than this.
  1. He forgets days that are important to you.
    Like your birthday...
  2. He forgets about plans he made with you.
    Usually on purpose...
  3. He lets you go to bed angry.
  4. He refuses to talk to you for weeks because of something that happened a long time ago, that you've already apologized a billion times for.
  5. He remembers your past mistakes and constantly reminds you of them whenever he's mad.
  6. He uses your biggest weaknesses against you as revenge after the two of you fight.
  7. He doesn't stop anyone from spreading lies or rumours about you, even though he could easily do so.
  8. He's friends with people who hate you, even though he knows that they don't like you.
  9. He flirts with other girls.
    Sometimes even when you're in the same room as him...
  10. He laughs at your insecurities.
  11. He's never there for you when you need him.
    And no amount of trying to contact him when you need him works.
  12. He doesn't check to see how you're doing, even when he does hear that something bad happened in your area of town.
  13. He's told you that you're his world, but doesn't act like you are.
  14. He always seems to be too busy to spend time with you and isn't willing to make time for you.
  15. At one point, when he was angry, he's told you to go and kill yourself.
  16. He treats everyone else, especially other girls, better than he treats you.