1. Bagels
    Only come prepackaged, in the supermarket. And the only two flavours are plain and cinnamon raisin (sometimes they'll throw in a whole wheat and everyone goes crazy).
  2. Late night talks shows
    Me: what don't you understand? Brits: I know that's Channing Tatum but why is he dressed up as a girl? Like why would he agree to this
  3. Cool whip
  4. Coffee
    Every store you walk into sells 50 types of kettles but I dare you to try to buy a coffee machine
  5. Saturday Night Live
    I wish I was joking
  6. Drinking games
    They've learnt Kings and feel that is all that is necessary
  7. Fashion
    It's possible that this is me not understanding them but unlikely
  8. Basic biddies
    All American girls are basic in their eyes
  9. Chinese food, Mexican food, Japanese food, diners, etc
    They have Indian food down though
  10. Boozy Brunch
    Just not a thing