1. Have diagnosed him with ASD already
  2. He's not been there very long
  3. And it's made me really happy
  4. I've known he has it for quite a while
  5. Because I do too
  6. But I was never diagnosed
  7. Which meant growing up was really confusing
  8. Well even more confusing
  9. And it added (another) layer of self hatred when I couldn't do stuff like other people
  10. Or I didn't get things the same way
  11. It wasn't something my parents would ever have recognised
  12. And schools were (even more) awful for that kind of stuff in the 80s
  13. So I battled through
  14. Managed to get to adulthood without even realising
  15. But the last 5-10 years have made it clear to me
  16. Especially with help from people with experience in these matters
  17. I've still never had an official diagnosis
  18. But I've become accepting of that
  19. Because all I wanted
  20. Was to know one way or the other
  21. And my son being diagnosed gives me the final confirmation of my condition
  22. Because he really is his father's son
  23. And I'm so pleased he'll understand himself better
  24. As he grows through life
  25. Without the same confusion I had
  26. And gain the support he needs at home and at school
  27. Static