1. I was at a wake recently
  2. For a very special person
  3. Because she was special
  4. Practically everyone at the wake was really special too
  5. But this one guy...
  6. We were talking to the person working the bar
  7. I'd met her a few weeks earlier but only vaguely remembered
  8. We'd all been at a gathering with the deceased
  9. So we were recounting tales of her
  10. Then this guy wanders over
  11. He realises the barperson is Colombian
  12. He's apparently spent time out there
  13. So he starts telling her in Spanish how much he loves Colombia
  14. She reacts in kind
  15. There's a little more chatter
  16. Then she has to go do some work
  17. He turns to me and says
  18. She'd be a 4 in Colombia
  19. It takes a minute to realise what he means
  20. Then the penny drops
  21. I'm sickened and think it was plain on my face
  22. I say how I'm going outside to smoke
  23. Rather than say I am disgusted with you and hate what you represent
    If it had been another situation I probably would've said that but I felt it wasn't appropriate at the wake. I don't know if that's an easy way to excuse myself, but that's how I reacted at the time.
  24. Static