Reasons to not go outside

because ya know...outside is all the way over there
  1. Weather
    Maybe more of an issue in England than other places, but it seems to always be an insurmountable challenge to always wear appropriate clothing.
  2. People
    There's a lot of them right...well unless you live in the middle of nowhere (in which case kudos on the Internet connection) but yeah people. There's lots of them. Of course there's some nice ones, more than you'd think sometimes. But even the good ones can sometimes be exhausting. I mean people are hard work, but then they do say anything worth getting is hard work. But those people haven't realised the power of pizza delivered to your door via the pushing of (sometimes) virtual buttons.
  3. Distance
    It's far away. OK I know, it's only out the front door, but that's all that way sometimes. Some days that feels like miles. I even have stairs to navigate before the front door! It's like an assault course before you've even left the house.
  4. Remembering whether you've locked the front door
    This plagues me. Some days I have to walk back to my front door to check I've locked it (I always have) but I still need to check. Then there's the wonder of whether you've left the shower on, and you know that baby cains your electricity bill. And did you shut off that leaky tap properly and close the fridge door? Arghhh all the things