1. So you know sometimes in life
  2. Things can happen over time
  3. It builds up little by little
  4. You know it's something you should be taking care of
  5. But you haven't yet and the world hasn't ended
  6. You know it's bad but somehow you carry on
  7. You start to see through the problem
  8. It's just how things are
  9. You live it everyday
  10. It's your life
  11. Every so often though
  12. It slips
  13. You see how awful it is
  14. But quickly it goes away again
  15. Then a day comes
  16. And you see with clear vision
  17. You disgust yourself to the nth degree
  18. Then you sit down
  19. Realise you're a mess
  20. But at least you've admitted it to yourself now
  21. And
  22. You
  23. See
  24. That
  25. You
  26. Really
  27. Need
  28. To
  29. Clean
  30. That
  31. Fridge