1. I was walking home
  2. And on the way I saw two people talking on the street
  3. You could tell there was something between them
  4. They were just stood there chatting away
  5. I thought it was cute and carried on across the road to my house
  6. A bit later I was in the bathroom and absent-mindedly looked out of the window
  7. They were still stood there talking
  8. I smiled to myself and carried on about my business
  9. Then a while later I went to open the living room window
  10. And they were still talking
  11. I watched for a minute as they said goodbye
  12. One walked away with 'that' look on their face
  13. The other stood and watched them walk away
  14. Waved when they looked back
  15. And then walked off down the road
  16. It was so understated
  17. And so lovely
  18. Giphy
    Obviously I don't have pics of them but here's something in the same cuteness league.