1. They're not in my life at the moment
  2. And whether that changes in the future or not
  3. I know my life will never be the same as before
  4. The influence they have is so great
  5. Everyday I'll send them loving thoughts
  6. Even if I'm sceptical as to whether they can feel them
  7. Everyday I hope they're doing well
  8. One day I hope they'll return into my life
  9. They taught me so many things
  10. I'll know what it means to be fully understood by someone
  11. I've got great friends in my life
  12. But no one that 'got me' like they do
  13. I'll truly know the meaning of love for a partner
  14. And how their needs will supercede your want for them
  15. My view of what a relationship can be
  16. It's realigned to something I didn't think was possible
  17. I never thought someone could be in tune with me to that level
  18. I'll continue to be inspired by them
  19. Their strength and ability to cope with life and people better than I ever could
  20. I'll always try to be the person they fell in love with
  21. As hard as that can be sometimes
  22. Because I miss them fiercely
  23. So I have to try everyday to not slide inside myself
  24. To not shut everyone out
  25. I have to try and be the person they made me want to be
  26. A better version of myself
  27. Someone worthy of their love
  28. I'll always be wondering how they are
  29. Because that's the hardest thing
  30. Having no idea how they are
  31. And knowing if something happened to them
  32. I'd have no way of knowing
  33. But I try not to think about that
  34. I keep trying to keep only good thoughts about them in my head
  35. And keep in mind the unparalleled experiences we had together
  36. I sometimes imagine scenarios where we bump into each other
  37. But then I think I wouldn't want that
  38. The next time I see them
  39. I want it to be
  40. Because they woke up that day
  41. And felt the want to speak to me
  42. And that communication
  43. Is the most valuable thing that I know of
  44. Because talking to them is the thing I miss the most
  45. Static