Not favourite words list 📃 as I've seen lots of those flying around recently. These are words that have something about them that will make me say them over and over again in my head.
  1. Bonkers
    So this is a word of two halves. I feel like they're opposites almost, BON - is so nice and rounded, but then in comes KERS switching the whole sound and feel of the word up. Maybe it's that opposition which gives a touch of onomatepoeia maybe. Even though I find it really interesting, I'd rarely ever use the word myself.
  2. Minutiae
    So even when I said this word incorrectly (issues of reading a lot as a child but not interacting with anyone) I still thought the spelling was fascinating. The T followed by an I, an A and an E! This was really out there. Then one day I learnt how to say it properly, and now I could repeat it to myself all day long.
  3. Peon
    It's so compact ❗❗❗
  4. Segment
    This one is all about the sound and again I'd say it's onomatepoeia. The way the word is segmented after the 'g', the sound is lovely.
  5. Supreme
    It's the 'preme' part of this word that I love the sound of.
  6. Synergy
    Just have to say this out loud to understand IMO
  7. Solace
    The way it's spelt compared to the way it sounds.. Mmmmm another one that feels like onomatepoeia.
  8. Tincture
    All about the 'tinct' sound!
  9. Soliloquy
    Love the sound of this, but until recently had been spelling it incorrectly! How shameful 😝😨