my first
  1. It's probably a lot like being 30, but without the youthful exuberance. I don't remember.
  2. It makes new drivers seem frighteningly young.
    I'm not sure those ages were thought through completely
  3. Songs emerge on MY classic rock station that are too new to be classics
  4. Confidence is at an all time high - I wish I'd been less freaked out, sooner, about what others thought
  5. Mistakes aren't unique to me. Learn. Grow. Live.
  6. My time is about to be split between helping my parents and raising my kids
    Not sure I'm ready... But, I'll be ready.
  7. Drama is not an option
    Keep walking.
  8. Having a great friend network, and being a great friend, will pull you through the dark
  9. Laugh.
    A lot.
  10. Be grateful.