Basic info about one cat who lives in Tyrone, GA.
  1. She lives for treats, but will tolerate (or sometimes insist upon) bouts of human affection.
  2. She's a bit of the outdoorsy type, napping now in shafts of this dawn's light, upon red GA clay and American leaves of grass. The fitful clover is, by association, Irish? Irish-American. FACT: most clovers own 3 leaves, but a lucky one might spy the kinda rare 4-leafed iteration. TIP: Encase these in Scotch Tape and gift them to a grand-nephew.
  3. Her name is Tachikoma, and I sing 🎶Tachi-koma-ko🎶 (from Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex) at her.
  4. She is the colors of a forest floor, except for the aquamarine of her round eyes, and quite chubby. i.e. gorgeous
  5. (I can't tell if the neighbor's cat, a viciously territorial creature named (by Stephen King?) Mr. Nickels, is her bully and/or sexual partner.)
  6. Once, after a terrific storm, I saw her drinking rain from the bowing stems of long grass.(Now our municipally-mandated— for to, thank God unsuccessfully, price-out black folk—acre is mown, after the fashion of long-dead, European nobles, though unlike them, we 'big-d Democratic' Americans mow it ourselves, or haggle with the neighbor boy, Chris.)
  7. In her youth, she was called Grace. She lived in a home dominated by a manic woman, who was overly fond of vacuuming. She thusly justly feared all humans, and spent her first months in our care hiding beneath every and all available beds.
  8. ...BONUS FACT: Cats are, like me, you, my grass, clover, and all other things known and un, wrought by and in stardust! Bye