I read most of these when I was like 15, so going purely off memories of a... dumber version of me
  1. The Thrawn Trilogy
    These were some of the first novels written, and are set just a few years after the events of the original trilogy. Involves the heroes we all know and love, introduces characters seen throughout many other novels. Some of the better written books and Thrawn, the villain for the trilogy, is cool and threatening and interesting. Also, I enjoyed his second in command Palleon who continues to pop up in later books
  2. I, Jedi
    Told from the perspective of somebody OTHER than the heroes we all know and love. I remember it being pretty decent and really helped to expand the universe since it was focused on new characters
  3. The Corellian Trilogy
    I don't remember much about these ones, other than I liked them? The cover brings back pleasant memories so they must have been good
  4. The Hand of Thrawn duology
    More Thrawn based goodness
  5. Vector Prime
    Start of the lengthy New Jedi Order series. Introduces new extra-galactic, Force-void foes that start a true WAR that lasts the next 20 odd books. This era was exciting, because it was almost like a Game of Thrones feeling where you're not ever sure who is safe. That feeling but toned down some. Although there is a Red Wedding vibe to one book...
  6. Star by Star
    Just so many things happen in this book, lots of action, spy type stuff, fierce battles, sacrifice, etc. I remember this one really exemplifies the "page turner" vibe of all these books. Just so many things going on all across the galaxy. Part of the same war started in Vector Prime
  7. Traitor
    This was always my favorite. It's a great change from the surrounding war/secret missions stories. Focuses on a single character who is captured by the enemy and deals with an unusual form of interrogation. Spends a lot of time talking about the Force. More.... philosophical than others, but looking back I'm sure it's not as deep as I thought it was the first time through. I'd have to reread to really know
  8. More
    There's a million X-Wing books that are just military action page turners. Don't really know about them.
  9. Bonus! Worst -- The Old Republic: Revan
    Maybe I just don't get it because I never played the videos games that precede it, but this novel was pretty dumb. I mean, I know the Sith have ridiculous names but Lord Scourge? Really? Just name him Villain Bad Guy. My wonderful SO bought me this because she knew I used to read these books, so I finished it for her. But I did not enjoy it.