1. The short answer is no
  2. The simple logic of antioxidant = good, oxidant = bad isn't the entire picture
  3. The field of redox (reduction/oxidation) biology continually shows that oxidation by oxidants is important for cell signaling and regulation
  4. In addition, oxidation and reduction (the loss and gain of electrons, respectively) is always done in a cycle in biology
    This means nothing stays oxidized or reduced for very long
  5. Simply eating or drinking some antioxidants will not increase your total level of antioxidants long term for the protective effects people are after
    What will do that is maintained exercise over one's life
  6. Antioxidants in food and drinks will work to reduce one round of a cycle, but then they will be eliminated from the body
    Effectively doing nothing to alter the complex redox cycles in the body
  7. In conclusion, antioxidants are not more healthy than any other food or drink
    Nutrition is all about balance and more importantly, maintaining some kind of exercise
  8. I'm not saying don't eat blueberries or acai or whatever else is the most recent antioxidant craze
    I'm just saying you shouldn't feel so awesome and like a health buff for doing it