1. As with most nutrition "science," we just don't know
    Note those quotation marks...
  2. It's really hard to do good science on human nutrition
    Experiments can't be properly controlled, because you can't force massive numbers of people onto controlled diets for years.
  3. The best we can do is make observations and look into correlations
    And correlation does NOT imply causation
  4. Many people skip breakfast and report amazing results for weight loss, gaining muscle, and feeling more energy
  5. Many people have a hard time losing weight and feeling healthy if they skip breakfast
  6. Having many contradictory studies from reputable sources is a dead giveaway that the experimental system is flawed
  7. So, should you eat breakfast?
  8. Listen to your body, eat it if you feel good when you eat it, skip it if you feel good when you skip it
  9. The science just isn't there to recommend anything else