Including examples that I've actually done in real life
  1. in vivo
    Meaning "in life," experiments done in a living system. For example, giving Zebrafish treatments to regulate their development.
  2. in vitro
    Meaning "in glass," experiments done without using a living system. For example, cloning a gene from isolated DNA using the polymerase chain reaction.
  3. ex vivo
    Meaning "out of the living," experiments where tissue is removed from an organism and studied, usually kept alive. For example, removing the heart of a mouse and keeping it alive on a Langendorf reperfusion apparatus.
  4. in situ
    Meaning "in position," experiments that aren't quite in vivo, but aren't quite in vitro either. For example, photographing plants in the wild for identification.
  5. in silico
    Meaning "in silicon," experiments done by computer simulation. For example, building a model of disease spread and discovering the best way to vaccinate a population against it.
  6. I would always be confused by all these terms, so here's a list of them to keep things straight!