Reflections on growing a yeard.

One year ago today I shaved my face, then didn't shave or trim it again.
  1. There wasn't a point where I loved how my beard looked 100%
    And I'm glad for that.
  2. I learned that I don't have to look exactly how I want to in order to look good or be confident.
  3. I also learned that some people love beards
  4. ...and some people really don't.
  5. Patience is a virtue, and I realized that patience pays off in ways I didn't expect.
    I would always think that in just one more month my beard would look perfect, just one more month. After a while I learned to accept that I can't change how my beard looks and that I really liked how it looked once I let go of my expectations for it.
  6. I've become addicted to beard oil and balm.
    They smell amazing and the variety is addicting.
  7. Here it is!
  8. Grow a beard for a year! You won't regret it.