1. No, we haven't!
  2. The government says we have, but then elaborates immediately that we actually haven't.
  3. Current methods of genome sequencing simply can't sequence certain regions.
  4. To be fair, 99% of the genome is sequenced
  5. The problem isn't that we don't know 100% of the human genome...
  6. The problem is that we don't understand virtually anything about what the sequence means, genomically
  7. We don't know if the genome we have is applicable to genomes of ethnically diverse populations
    It probably isn't
  8. We don't fully understand how genes are expressed and regulated
  9. We don't understand how the genome translates to disease
  10. We've also learned that the 3D structure of DNA in the nucleus of the cell is really important to understand
    And a lot of research is being done on this now