Side effects of overthinking and waking up too early on a Saturday morning
  1. 7 reasons why I simply cannot stand beaches or the beach-craze.
    I love the sea; I'm not a psycho. But beaches and the hype. Really.
  2. All the books I've read in my entire lifetime, starting with Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves or that book with the frog on the cover.
    I tried, really. But I can't seem to remember the title of the frog book. And what's the point, without the frog book?
  3. The 8 best things to do on a Friday night if you're a hermit with extremely social roommates.
  4. 12 meals I would love to cook if I ever figured out what all those spices and seasonings mean.
  5. 5 reasons why I may be the twenty-three year old version of a reincarnated 70 year old man.
  6. Famous people whose stories I'd love to tell and write.
    Actually I might do this one. Ignore.
  7. The different places in which I envision myself in ten years.
    This way, I have numerous options for all those eager-beaver forward-thinking job interviewers.
  8. 15 favourite book lines that I should make into wall posters and stare at on Friday nights.
    See item number 3 above.
  9. 5 random strangers that I never spoke to, but whom I am certain I fell in love with, and where.
  10. Other lists that I could make, which I will probably never make but will enjoy thinking about anyway.
  11. Smart virtual ways to get anyone who reads this list to become my friend.