Best advice I've ever received

  1. "If you don't ask, the answer is always no"
    Wise words from ma.
  2. Kill 'em with kindness
    Don't be dick. And don't let them turn you into a dick. Show them how nice you are. It'll drive them crazy 🤓
  3. If you want to change stuff, do so through one small action at a time.
    Me (daily): "argh, I need to loose more weight, & exercise more, & do better at work, & get back out on my bike, & eat fewer carbs, & stop with that bad habit, & get over this boy, & drink less Diet Coke, & see my family more, & try and meet someone new, & go to the dentist, & wash my hair...". Jeeeez chill, Shiv. One thing at a time. Don't try and change it all at once, because if you fail the first time (which you probs will, we all do) then you only fail at one thing. Just try again. It helps