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I'm 23 years old and I hate working for people... the only way to get away from this, is to start something of my own. The only thing is, when I start to think about the steps, I freak the FUCK out!
  1. Anxiety
  2. Stress
  3. Frustrated
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  1. Mind Pump
    Awesome, Raw fitness truth. Helped me change how I diet and how I looked at my fitness program. Definitely a must listen if you're lost about your fitness goals. Plus, these guys are funny.
  2. Start Up
  3. Reply All
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must I say more?
  1. Jittery Johns
  2. Stumptown
  3. High Brew
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its common sense people
  1. Don't ask me, mid-set, how many sets I have.
  2. Lifting with your ego will get you a one way ticket to Snapcity and a chuckle from me.
  3. If you're in the locker room fellas, PLEASE put your fucking underwear on FIRST, NOT YOUR SHIRT..
  4. Stop making every gym visit a social hour
  1. The bitch is crazy
  2. Prescription meds kill people
  3. Pharmaceutical companies don't care about you
  4. Never trust someone that sleep walks, especially ones that like to cook.
I've lived here all my life... slowly hating this place
  1. Over populated AF
  2. One bedroom, one bath apartment... $2,100
  3. Everyone is a fucking engineer but can't figure out why their Wi-Fi speed is slow
  4. Nobody knows how to drive