Best Soundgarden/Chris Cornell Songs That Weren't Singles

Since the recent news of his death I thought I'd make my first list. I grew up spending hours listening and playing along with Soundgarden, so much so that it is like an old friend passed away. Everyone can recall the radio hits, but what about the ones that flew under the mainstream radar?
  1. Fresh Tendrils
    This one can easily go unnoticed. It has a sweet spot in my opinion, a progression right before the main chorus that makes the song unique.
  2. The Keeper
    On his Songbook solo album. Quintessential Chris on this one.
  3. Somewhere
    I used this song as a backdrop to a poetic English project in the 7th grade. Lyrics are rich.
  4. Searching With My Good Eye Closed
    Follows "Somewhere" in that it is the same feel and rhythm.
  5. Zero Chance
    One of the better slower songs.
  6. Call Me A Dog
    Lyrics are witty.
  7. Switch Opens
    It has a great intro into the beat and melody of the rest of the song.
  8. Seasons
    Sort of cheating here as it was on the soundtrack "Singles."
  9. Sunshower
    Okay totally cheating as this was a single but the defining one in his solo career.
  10. Flower
    On their 1st album and has an addictive riff throughout.
  11. Like Suicide
    Unfortunately the theme that will ever be attached to Chris, but this song has a fantastic verse and chorus relationship. I'm sure this song will be analyzed for time to come.
  12. Shadow Of The Sun
    The best Audioslave song.