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I went to observe a #notmypresident rally in downtown Grand Rapids tonight, this is a list of what my senses took. Positive and negative interactions but it was quite peaceful and interesting.
  1. Smelled: Cigarettes
  2. Smelled: Sharpie
  3. Smelled: Bar food
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How to not turn into a passive aggressive bloodthirsty manic pixie monster. Avoid these trigger words - I can't promise you'll feel better but it will be better for your soul, Bruh.
  1. fine.
  2. goodnight.
    Notice the lowercase 'G' followed by a period. No emoji.
  3. ?!?!?!?!!
    Any words or phrases followed by this mess ^
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Everything that went wrong in my pursuit of my absentee ballot and freedom 🇺🇸✌🏼️
  1. 1.
    Five days ago I filled out my absentee ballot
    One statement ran through my head the entire time "my parents would kill me if they could read this"
  2. 2.
    Easy- peazy- right? Wrong.
    I then had to mail in my ballot, and being a procrastinator...well you can imagine
  3. 3.
    Sunday I arose from my slumber with this shocking realization
    My ballot had to be back to the clerks office by 8pm Tuesday or it wouldn't be counted
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  1. Working Winter Retreats
    February 2014 Winter is a happy place for me. 18 year old me looks she's was getting a little more sleep than I do now. Also, eyeliner was less on fleek then
  2. Dreadlocks Set Free
    October 2015 Here we see a beautiful set of my friend Taylor's long mature dreads being set free in a Viking burial- err a hippie burial? - RIP dreads
  3. Catching A Wave
    March 2016 A crowd surfing wave that is- a little indie band called Early Edition giving us a killer show at Battle of the Bands
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Here are some of my dreams! If anything was possible for me I would thoroughly enjoy adding some adventure to my life! I'd love to see some happen- others may never come to pass... We will see what lies ahead
  1. Build a micro house
    The idea of picking up and moving around in a small house speaks to the hippie in my heart
  2. Move to Arizona for a year
    A few summers ago I took the train to AZ and I think about that place often. Arizona was like the one that got away....
  3. Go to art school
    Recently in my life I've had this feeling that if I never try, I'll never know- and forever be doomed to the loss of artistic wonder when I had the chance
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There's some goodies from me to you. Thoughts and reflections always welcome.
  1. Lathe - The Gloomcatcher
    (2010) From the album Slow Chorale Indie side project of Portland based artist Jessy Ribordy, this soft and chilling work never ceases to spark my imagination of a strange whimsical wedding. I feel like I'm in a dream where the story is already chosen for me and all I have to do is close my eyes, let it unfold and try to understand.
  2. The Weight Of Us - Jeff Pianki
    (2013) this single from Michigan based folk artist Jeff Pianki reminds me of late summer days, when all your friend head off to school and your more alone than you thought. All of a sudden your life seems more reflective and there a certain weight to every sunrise.
  3. Home - Parkway & Colombia
    (2013) This band has so much material for a younger group of members, this song is from their album Onward, and has been really meaningful to my first years in college. Each of us will share many houses, dorms, rooms, apartments, (vans?) but I've realized that home is a special kind of frame. Only a place or a person where one can really cry and rest and not be interrupted.
We are all just one reflective car ride away from understanding.
  1. Hey Ya (cover) - The Blanks
  2. Worried Shoes - Daniel Smith & Sufjan Stevens
  3. Lung - Vancouver Sleep Clinic
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