5 Photos On My Phone, Chosen Not at Random

Story snapshots
  1. Working Winter Retreats
    February 2014 Winter is a happy place for me. 18 year old me looks she's was getting a little more sleep than I do now. Also, eyeliner was less on fleek then
  2. Dreadlocks Set Free
    October 2015 Here we see a beautiful set of my friend Taylor's long mature dreads being set free in a Viking burial- err a hippie burial? - RIP dreads
  3. Catching A Wave
    March 2016 A crowd surfing wave that is- a little indie band called Early Edition giving us a killer show at Battle of the Bands
  4. Viva la Snapstory
    August 2016 here is a snap of my friend Syd ( had blue hair- is also a DJ) and kayaking. We were in a vivid discussion about favorite colors and people.
  5. Life is But A Vapor
    This is a photo of a few days after I had gotten my new car ( and by new I mean not) I would chase sunsets and sit on top of the car from the sunroof- I would listen to meditations from the Liturgist and read Ecclesiastes. Life is only a vapor- so short. Remember what will last, enjoy the small moments.