Here are some of my dreams! If anything was possible for me I would thoroughly enjoy adding some adventure to my life! I'd love to see some happen- others may never come to pass... We will see what lies ahead
  1. Build a micro house
    The idea of picking up and moving around in a small house speaks to the hippie in my heart
  2. Move to Arizona for a year
    A few summers ago I took the train to AZ and I think about that place often. Arizona was like the one that got away....
  3. Go to art school
    Recently in my life I've had this feeling that if I never try, I'll never know- and forever be doomed to the loss of artistic wonder when I had the chance
  4. Dye my hair pink
    When considering life partners, you gotta ask yourself some tough questions. Like would this person feel the same when I have pink hair hmmm?
  5. Have a pet Parrot
    So colorful and expressive, I would love to have a social pet! birds are so beautiful and whimsical!
  6. Open a summer camp inspired store
    I would love making shirts, stickers, pillows and more with camp themes! Summer camp is a huge happy part of me.
  7. Buy a historical house and live in Detroit
    I grew up in the greater Detroit-metro area, and this city has a special place in my heart! I really can't imagine living anywhere else long term. #movetodetroit
  8. Have a fun tattoo inside my lip
    Super weird and unusual I know, but they don't last for very long and I think it's kinda wild!:)
  9. Publish my poetry
    I've been writing for about 6 years, and I have a compilation of poetry and spoken word from the experiences that I've have throughout high school, gap year and college