I went to observe a #notmypresident rally in downtown Grand Rapids tonight, this is a list of what my senses took. Positive and negative interactions but it was quite peaceful and interesting.
  1. Smelled: Cigarettes
  2. Smelled: Sharpie
  3. Smelled: Bar food
  4. Heard: Sniffling noses
  5. Heard:"Its really cool that you're expanding your thoughts"
  6. Heard: "Can I take a picture with your sign?"
  7. Heard: "I respect that"
  8. Heard: Lots of yelling
  9. Heard: "Thank you for your service"
  10. Heard: Profanities
  11. Saw: Police lights
  12. Saw: College students, Families, Old folks
  13. Saw: Sunset
  14. Saw: Old man holding an American flag who hugged a gay woman holding a sign
    They were strangers who had struck up a conversation