This is a total self observation. I'm slowly making my way through my college years, in a year when I will be turning 40.
  1. Why? I moved to Florida (and theme park capital of the world), mid way through my expected collegiate years. Decided I would put education on hold and live out my dream as a professional dancer.
  2. Ok, I did that, and that's awesome. But now, I feel like I have been missing something.
  3. My professional performing career is over, so I have moved to teaching. Again, it's been awesome as well. But... Yep, still something was missing.
  4. Enter my start of a college career 2 years ago. Slow moving, but ambitious, while working full time.
  5. I will finally complete my AA Degree in early 2017.
  6. From there? Well, here's where my brain has cartwheeled around.
  7. Toyed with the idea of Archaeology!
    Great and interesting topics, but will I really travel the world for months or years at a time at this point? No.
  8. Maybe Wildlife Conservation! Or Zoology!
    I love animals, I consider myself an advocate for animal rights and environmental concerns. But what are the requirements? More science? More Statistics?? Lordy no.
  9. History
    Fascinates me but, what to do...with it...
  10. Art History
    Thought I would love it. But, oh what a snore.
  11. English Lit?
    Now we're talking. I love writing, analyzing, and reading lit. So, ok, maybe.
  12. Where have ended up? Right along with my original focus for my AA in General Studies.
    Eh, I'll just call it a degree in a little bit of everything!
  13. What to do with my life post-degree?
    The jury is still out on this one.
  14. Just proves, I may take my education much more seriously these days. But I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!