My Favorite Things

Of course, my husband, pets, family and friends are the best...but here are the other important parts of my life.
  1. Born and raised New England fan. This also includes the Red Sox and Bruins. (Sure, the Celtics too, I just don't follow basketball. Too squeaky.)
  2. Doctor Who.
    Best show ever. Favorite Doctor? 9 was my first, but I hold a soft spot in my heart for 10 and 11.
  3. The Wizarding World
    I'm in denial about being a muggle.
  4. Star Wars
    Nothing better.
  5. Halloween
    Hands down, the best holiday.
  6. Disney
    I worked for the company for 16 wonderful years! Even in Tokyo Disneyland!
  7. Ireland, all of it!
    Our Honeymoon. It was so incredible!
  8. St Augustine, Fl.
    Simply, our favorite place to unwind.
  9. Also, did I mention I am a Paranormal Investigator? I'm actually a team member of our community group. We've been to quite a few amazing locations. Including this, the May Stringer House in Brooksville, FL.