Ranking the components of your Christmas dinner -- in descending order
  1. Cranberry sauce
    Don't get me wrong, it's needed, but has to be in last place given that you cannot/should not eat it by itself
  2. Gravy
    See above
  3. Boiled potatoes
  4. Turkey
    The worst meat
  5. Ham
    The superior meat, mostly because my mum cooks it for hours in coca cola. It becomes sugar ham!
  6. Roasted carrots
    Maple syrup-roasted carrots! Sugar carrots to accompany your sugar ham!
  7. Sprouts
    Actually delicious if not over-cooked and properly seasoned
  8. Pigs in blankets
    SAUSAGE. WRAPPED. IN. BACON. (Not for the 🐷 lovers amongst us)
  9. Roast potatoes
    Because 1) my mum cooks them in goose fat -- the only way to roast potatoes -- and 2) I'm Irish.