Best birthday ever
  1. I ended up with a black eye from falling.
    Starting to look cool. "Not no though." - When I looked in the mirror this morning.
  2. My boyfriend gave me my favorite gift I've ever received.
    A ring covered with EYES (weirdly obsessed with eyes)
  3. I'm blonde again
    I'm back to my "natural" hair color. There's no better feeling than the burning sensation of bleach on your scalp. If I could ever make a fragrance it would be Bleach with a hint of fog machine liquid & gasoline.
  4. Someone gave me a Spice World shirt
  5. I also got a framed photo of Britney Spears
  6. I lost my front tooth
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  7. I feel like myself again
  8. I also got to celebrate it with all of my favorite people in the world