1. "Kylie. You have coke in your eyelashes." ::overheard::
  2. "Nice meeting you! I barely recognized you. You are VERY photogenic!" ...
  3. "Are you psychic? My psychic says I'm psychic." 💁🙆
  4. "I'm sorry mam. You don't exist. I mean, I don't know what to tell you. Besides that fact that you don't exist. Okay.?"
  5. "Mam."
  6. "Sky. You wouldn't understand. You seem like you have trust issues. I mean, you probably come from a broken home. Right?"🌚🌚🌚
  7. "Nice to meet you. You were much better as a blonde."
  8. "Is she still dead?"
  9. "ARE YOU OKAY?" -Stranger walking down the street (at least every other day) 😴
  10. "Look. I'm an artist person. I'm all about the music." - lawyer who now works at major record label