1. I don't comb my hair
    That's KNOT a ponytail
  2. I have a lot of piercings (and some bad) tattoos
  3. I dropped out of high school (10th grade) & moved to NY/Europe to pursue music
  4. I got kicked out of a lot schools 😔
  5. I've had very intense relationships...both were musicians.
  6. I wear the same outfit
  7. I start every sentence with "like" & "umm..."
  8. Someone gave me a trendy fashion bad fashion mullet
    ...when my hair broke off from bleaching it for 5 years. I TOLD THEM TO TRIM MY HAIR. It wasn't my fault 😥. It took 2 years to grow out.
  9. I "modeled"/nodeled for a few years because I have about...3 skills.
    I was broke. I got scouted. Didn't know who Steven Meisel was but went to the casting bc I didn't really expect much but it was worth a shot. Got the job & made more money modeling than I ever have with music. It also made 0 sense to me because I'm 5'6". This photo is from a Marc Jacobs show. All of the clothes were too big & they put the "short" girls together & made us wear matching outfits & wigs. I also slipped/face planted & chipped my tooth & basically fell on top of Marc at the fitting.
  10. I feel everything too much
    Which usually translates into emotional train wreck/crazy/unstable when you're a female musician. I get really emotional. I have severe stage fright. I get vulnerable. Whatever. When certain musicians cry onstage it's "heart felt", when someone like Cat Power & I get like this ^^^ onstage it's plagued with "NERVOUS BREAKDOWN" etc. It is what it is. I guess.
  11. My brother & all of my closest friends are gay
  12. I'm a BIG Kurt Cobain fan
  13. "I hate you. Don't leave me!"