1. "I had a friend named Sky. I buried him in the ground too."
  2. "I didn't know you were American!"
    I've been British. I've been French. I've been Russian.
  3. "I had a Siberian husky named sky"
    One of the dudes from the Village People
  4. "Wooow.You're so photogenic!"
  5. "Amazing! You prepared this in an American accent!"
  6. "Are you okay?"
  7. "Smile! It won't kill you!"
  8. "Look me in the eyes."
  9. "Ow."
    My handshake was too firm
  10. "Do you have drugs?"
  11. "Speak up!"
  12. "Sorry! I couldn't understand you. I THINK YOU WERE MUMBLING."
  13. "Are you SoSadToday?"