At least that's what I thought...
  1. Picking my face for 20 minutes
  2. Buying 3 bathrobes
    It wasn't a good idea. It was AMAZING!
  3. The vanilla milkshake I had with my brother
    It tasted great. Until I realized I don't eat dairy and vomited 15 minutes later.
  4. Buying furniture on etsy
    ...admitting I used etsy on list app.
  5. When I told my trainer to go "in"
    I'm so sore that it's painful to sit down.
  6. Watching 'View From the Top'
    OY VEY
  7. Refusing to let people help me organize my closet & unpack 😑
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  8. Trying to adjust my septum chain (it was falling off) in public
    Totally looked like I was picking my nose 😥
  9. When I stared at this billboard on sunset blvd for 10 minutes. I was completely confused & sent this to 5 other people and asked them if they knew what it meant
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  10. Tweeted that I was underwhelmed by the Bad Blood video
    Taylor Swift fans murdered me. This is Sky Ferreira's ghost list app'ing. I didn't even tweet it. They heard my thoughts & now...I'm dead.