1. The editing was insane 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
  2. I need to fire my agent
  3. So steampunk
  4. What was up with the score?
    Yes. There was the cool guitar dude but that's about it. It had potential. If I closed my eyes during some parts of the score...It could be from The Judge.
  5. I got a little hyped up within the last 3 weeks
    I went through many phases. At first I wanted be a hater because I'm a big fan of the original. I usually find myself bummed with reboots. Then I saw the trailer and almost pissed my pants. Fucking awesome. They lost me towards the middle. I feel pressured to say it was the most incredible thing I've seen in 15 years because that's what everyone else's reaction seems to be.
  6. I remembered how much I love Charlize
  7. It was fun
  9. I'm in luv with Tom Hardy
  10. The first 20 minutes were incredible
  11. I kind of wish there wasn't any dialogue
  12. I want to see more of the little boys at the end
  13. Nobody else seemed to be as worried about Charlize Theron dying as me (in the film or theater)
  14. What is mothers milk? I imagine it being more like horchata than breast milk
  15. Someone said "are you okay?"
    As a statement even though they were asking. I've been trying to replicate it but I can't do it without asking.
  16. I'm glad it did well
    So FUN movies can start being made again
  17. Insane Clown Warriors
    Mad Max ICP cover band. They will be playing @ Woodstock 2019.
  18. Hard To Be A *GOD prequel
    Meets Tool music video
  19. Abbey Lee makes me want to bleach my hair back 😭
  20. Tank Girl
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    Now that Mad Max did so well. We are one step closer to 'Tank Girl' being made. Someone get @edub or @brewer on the horn. I can be Tank Girl. Tyler the Creator can play Ooga. @Nicholas will play Jet Girl.
  21. I'm considering having "Australian Post Apocalyptic" movie night at my house. Projector & AIR POPPER. Crazy. I know. Viewing OG Mad Max(s) & Tank Girl. You're invited.