As requested//// earthquake emergency kit for a vvv vain person
    JK. I wish.
  2. Water. Lots of it.
  3. Ginger
  4. Lemon
  5. Tea
  6. Tea Kettle
  7. Green Tea
  8. Apples AND Bananas
  9. Vegetables
    No meat or dairy on my rider. There is nothing worst than being backstage and some gnarly/sweaty meat and cheese platter is sitting there for 8 hours. It makes me want to gag.
  10. Peanut butter
    I don't eat before I play. It's not easy to sing with a full stomach. If I have to eat something so I don't pass out and die, I have 2 spoonfuls of peanut butter. It's a lifesaver. It's also good if you're going out. No bloat (for me).If you eat before you play...It will eventually come up.I ate cereal & almond milk on my bus before a show & I for sure had to swallow my own throw up during the bridge of 'I Blame Myself'.
  11. Adapters
  12. USB chords
  13. Beer
    I don't drink beer. My band does.
  14. Some blue label whiskey
    I don't drink whiskey. My band does. Most venues actually give it to us? We try to push it a bit to see how much stuff we can get.
  15. CANDY!!!!
    Lots of it. I have a crazy sweet tooth. I'm also a very picky eater. On tour my diet = rider meals. Aka CARROTS/CELERY/APPLES/RAW GINGER/PEANUT BUTTER/SPELT BREAD/LETTUCE AND A BUS LOAD OF CANDY. Sometimes for weeks 😥 I prefer starburst,jellybeans...and anything extremely sour.
  16. Film
  17. Disposable cameras
  18. Juicer
    Sometimes we get it. It gets a bit messy though.
  19. Orange Juice
  20. Tequila or Vodka
    I stopped drinking before I play. If I ever do, it will usually be a surprise set or something. Never on tour though. Anyways. On my tour last summer, I ended up bringing an ENTIRE suitcase of tequila,whiskey (for guest...I guess?),vodka home because of my rider. I can't party much on tour or else I will end up even more exhausted or sick.
  21. Toothbrushes
  22. Mouth wash
  23. Gum
  24. Socks
  25. Tooth paste
  26. Floss
  27. Deodorant
  28. Tampons
    JK. I just thought of that. I should definitely add that to my rider.
  29. Lighters
  30. I don't have hummus on my rider but every show/venue will have it in your dressing room anyways
    It's actually ruined live music for me. I will watch someone & be like "they totally had hummus like 20 minutes ago" & it will turn me off for some reason.
  31. Full length mirror
    It might be the only mirror I see for 3 days that isn't inside a gas station or airport
  32. Technical/gear/sound stuff
  33. Soap/body wash
  34. Now looking at my rider. We are a lot more practical than I thought we were. What a bore.
  35. Utensils
    You have to put this. They will always forget. Even though I thought it was common sense.
  36. LIGHT
    I have sat in dressing rooms that were pitch black because I didn't put this on my rider. I'm dead serious.
  37. Paper towels
    We will fuck up something or spill something. We are a messy band. By "we" I mean ****I.
  38. Rando fruit
    Give us anything!
  39. First Aid Kit
    I'm a fuck up. I always manage to get injured on a daily basis. On tour my body is black and blue. I don't know where the bruises come from most of the time.