I've been home for two days but have to leave tonight. I miss all of these things very very very much.
  1. My friends
    I only got to see one of them while I was here. 😢.
  2. My kitty named Mouse
  3. Angelika Kitchen
    The best.
  4. IFC/Angelika Theater/Williamsburg Cineplex/The Sunshine/Nighthawk Theater
  5. Lifethyme
  6. Screaming Mimi's
  7. Metropolis
  8. 285 Kent
    I live really close to where 285 used to be. I got sad when I walked by it today. I had some of the most fun/slightly ridiculous nights there.
  9. Bliss
  10. All of my clothes
  11. My posters
  12. My books
  13. My records
  14. I would say projector but I bought a better one for my place in LA off of craigslist
  15. BEING ABLE TO WALK!!!!!!!!!
  16. Not having to be dressed in shame because I don't drive
  17. The TRAIN
  18. The L train
  19. People wear as much black as me
  20. Shows
  21. The weirdo grocery store across the street from my apartment
  22. My neighbor who leaves his blinds up and has his bed facing the window. He sprawls out in his very tight and small underwear.
    He's gone now?!? Where did he go!
  23. Overpriced rent
  24. Being able to be cold and slightly jaded
  25. Being able to not smile & not being asked if I'm "okay" while in public
  26. Being able to go out without it being planned in advance
  27. My trainer (lol)
  28. Being able to get piercings I don't need
  29. One thing I don't miss about NY is the shit weather.