1. Airports. Lots of them.
    LA TO NYC---NYC TO BARCELONA (lame over in Morocco for 6 hours) BARCELONA TO ITALY! I was originally going to London but I have the day off so I ended up in Italy! I've never been until today. Turin to London.
  2. Launch a fragrance
    It's made of sugar,spice & everything nice!
  3. Worked out
    Barely. Sort of.
  4. Got called a child in a very much heated argument
    It's the new "YOU'RE CRAZY" for me. It's demeaning and fucked up. Not cool. I'm still bothered by it.
  5. Attempted to be rational and reasonable
    It's pointless and doesn't work.
  6. Music
    Watched lots of it
  7. Stubbornness
    You might be stubborn for a few weeks. I realized that I remain stubborn for a few years (when I believe that I'm right)...?😐
  8. Finally starting to feel human again
    It's been about 5 months since my soul disappeared and I've been walking through black sludge
  9. How this app should let you post GIFS
    I go ape with GIFS. I even have full on text convos with them. @bjnovak @dev @Nicholas make it happen!
  10. Looked up Trap Queen lyrics
  11. Cops in Italy are fucking hot
    They look like Armani Underwear models. wtf?