1. Shellac
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    Was fucking amazing. Steve Albini is the MAN. I wish I was in a 3 piece band.
  2. Babes In Toyland & creepy dolls
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    Kat was also amazing. Anyone remember the He's My Thing video with the weird baby dolls? High school me died a little bit last night. I also felt a bit weird/sad while watching, because Kat looks exactly like a friend who passed away last year (she was also a big fan). RIP 🌹
  3. It is what it is
    Trying my best to stay positive and not try to shove certain people into the "you're all the same" category
  4. I really need to get better at guitar
  5. UMO was also really fucking good
  6. People drink morphine?
  7. I would really love some orange juice right about now
  8. Eddie Furlong's Wikipedia 😥
  9. For the first time in a long time I feel really inspired & want to play live again
    Itching. Badly.
  10. I'm also ready to finish my album
    Write about my trust issues (and how it was the right decision not to trust you in the first place) & how I wish I was Steve Albini
  11. Wiggle your big toe
  12. Mary Ellen Mark 😭
  13. I missed The Strokes boat
    Sorry guys. Before "my time" maybe? I don't know. I mean I understand why people love it, it's just not for me? I tried! I really did. I don't dislike them. It's just...most people basically get wet when they are brought up?
  14. I don't want no shrubs
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  15. What I'm watching right now
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  16. Nobody will wake up for free breakfast
  17. I'm still wearing my makeup from last night
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  18. That photo ^^^ is terrible but whatever
    I don't know what's worse. My skin (sweat and dirt) or my dirty fingernails....and my hand looks HUGE! I took a shower after taking that photo. DGAF!
  19. @crb has a sick voice
    I know every line from Portlandia so seeing her in the flesh was a big deal for me. Sleater Kinney also had one of my favorite TV performances this year.
  20. Thee Oh Sees have a new band
  21. I actually ate in Barcelona
    Last time I had the good ol' rider diet
  22. I have to get mentally prepared to turn on the shower in this hotel room
    It sprays from all directions. It's a war zone. Water world.
  23. Watermelon
    Water world got autocorrected into watermelon. I would love some watermelon right now. It also got autocorrected into wafer & I wouldn't mind those either. It also got corrected into water works & I'm quite good at that.
  24. I just remembered the time I had an allergic reaction to Benadryl before my soundcheck at primavera last year
    I felt like I got dosed.
  25. I'm staying at the Princess (hotel)
    ...but I'm a peasant