1. We both dropped out of highschool
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  2. We both "werked" the orange jumpsuit before
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  3. We have the same make up looks!
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  4. Perverts.
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  5. We had to rely on creepy dudes for rides before
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  6. We have really really really really bad tempers
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  7. We can't drive for shit
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  8. We both were supposed to live with our grandmothers at some point
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  9. We are misunderstood
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  10. We will cut a bitch (ask @grantsinger)
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  12. But we LOVE to be in luv
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  13. We both go out in public like this! (Sometimes blood included!)
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  14. We always trust &spill our heart out/share everything to the wrong men. Always.
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  15. We cry a lot. We don't cry because we're weak. We cry because we have been strong for too long...and we want to strangle you. We know the anger management group classes we were legally forced to take will report us if we do. 😟
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    JUST KIDDING.....????
  16. We're both from California
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  17. We're honest at the wrong times
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