1. the constant battle GOOD vs BAD
    45 minutes in: This could be good" 4 hours later: "is this really bad or so bad it's good?" 2 hours later: "this is the worst thing EVER. Why do I bother? Why do I exist" 45 minutes/end of the day: "It's okay. I guess."
  2. You think it's okay to go out in public like this:
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  3. social life/Call someone at 1 pm & see what they're doing:
    "What are you doing today?" "Working." "What about tonight?" "I have work in the morning." "Oh yeah."
  4. NY vs LA
    The guilt. It's okay to watch 8 episodes of 'Friends' while recording at home in NY. Because the weather sucks majority of the year. When I work from home in LA, I feel like I have to go on a hike & the beach without feeling pathetic. Ya know, to balance out sitting down and staring at pro tools hours at a time while making mediocre tracks & unlistenable scratch vocals with the blinds closed. Because the "IT'S SO NICE OUT"...but it's nice out EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY.
  5. Working out
    You get to work out as much and ANYTIME you want.I work out 5 days a week...because I have to. I hate going to the gym. It gives me anxiety. It reminds me of Burn After Reading. I feel embarrassed. I tried Soul Cycle & had a panic attack while a remix of Selena Gomez was playing. I go to Winsor Pilates in LA & Lisa Jones in NY. Justin @ ModelFit in NY (I highly suggest them). I also bought a treadmill for my place in LA. I run like the scene where Forrest Gump runs for the first time.
  6. You have time to organize & keep your place tidy
    JK! I haven't touched hangers (without being forced to) since I moved out of my parents house when I was 16. I've been planning to organize my closet for 7 months now. I might do it tomorrow. It depends because I'm SO busy & have so much work to do. Obviously.
  7. "I'm finally home!"
    After touring for almost 3 years, I was SO anxious to go home. I finally get home & 3 days in I find myself bored & not sure what to do. Try to write but not sure what to write about besides airports/lay overs/hangovers at customs/hummus/jet lag/racing to take a shower first (before 6 sweaty dudes). Not ideal for the follow up album.
  8. Being able to go to the movies at 1 pm
    I go alone. It's cheaper. It makes me feel like I have the theater to myself. Except,the 70 year old that sits a few rows behind me sometimes.
  9. You can think out loud.
    It is not the same as talking to yourself. OKAY?
  10. Meetings over skype & the telephone
    Kinda awkward but you don't have to wake up at 7 am to get ready & look sort of decent