They can't all be winners.
  1. Ear holes
    One of the worst kinds of hole. They can hear shit, big whoop. Nothing you put in there feels good. 3/10
  2. Nose holes
    "Nostrils", in common parlance. You can put a smell in there, which is nice to do, or your finger which is cool if you're alone but bad if you're at a public thing like a funeral or on the news. 6/10
  3. Mouth hole
    Now we're talkin! Cram some food or drink in that bad boy for a good time. Other insertable objects include tongues (others), genitals (others), genitals (self), or any other thing you want. Go nuts. 8/10
  4. Urethra hole
    Dreadful. 1/10
  5. Butt hole
    This ones a mixed bag. You can eliminate waste from it (cool) but also sometimes you can get something like a Barbie or a handful of paper clips stuck up there (not cool). Use with caution. 4/10
  6. Genital hole
    Not everyone has one of these in addition to the urethra hole, but they're fun for everyone involved. Trust me on this, you're gonna want to have been the one to get your hands on one of these holes. 10/10