It's not as bad as you think it is!
  1. 5. The freshman 15 can happen at any age
    There is a mysterious relationship between textbooks and junk food that does not go away over time
  2. 4. Be aware of the pitfalls of group projects
    The younger students will always assume you want to do most or all of the work
  3. 3. Professors are not nearly as intimidating as they were when you were young
    They may know more about the class subject but you are probably more knowledgeable than them on many other things
  4. 2. Your kids keep you humble
    Reality hits hard when you get excited to tell your 13-yr old what you learned in algebra class. Then she tells you she learned the same thing when she was 12
  5. 1. NEVER, under any circumstances, wear your backpack on just one shoulder
    Apparently not seeing 21 Jump Street before I started was not a wise decision. My daughters might recover from the embarrassment...someday