The best players since when I started seriously following the NBA [Juuuuust missed the cut - Ray Allen, T-Mac, D Howard, V Carter, Westbrook, D Rose]
  1. Tim Duncan
    5 titles in 15 years, always good for 50 wins. No muss, no fuss. Ultimate winner, consumate pro.
  2. LeBron James
    Can you imagine if LeBron had Poppovich as coach? Maybe he'd be undisputed greatest player ever? Maybe it would've crashed and burned because he wouldn't buy in? It's a great "what if", but alas it didn't happen, and he doesn't have TD's resume.
  3. Kobe Bryant
    Ugh, hate having him so high, but gotta give Mamba his due. Not the greatest winner. If he could've gotten out of his own way more, could've had 2-3 more titles. But, one of the most singularly talented players of all time. Incredible.
  4. Shaquille O'Neal
  5. Kevin Garnett
    So many wasted years in 'Sota disguise how amazing he was. Could do it all, at the highest level.
  6. Dirk Nowitzki
  7. Dwyane Wade
  8. Jason Kidd
  9. Kevin Durant
    His game has no weaknesses. Defense is terribly underrated.
  10. Steve Nash
    Maybe should be higher, but he was such a product of the Suns style of play. Made him look much better than I think he was. However, you have to be really f-ing good to have an entire offense installed to revolve around your strengths. Credit where credit is due.
  11. Allen Iverson
  12. Paul Pierce
  13. Steph Curry
    Perhaps he'll rise as career goes on. Right now, he's here for 2 unbelievably good years.
  14. Chris Webber
    Probably being too biased, but taking a look at Webb in his prime, and it was arguable over who, between him and Duncan, was the better player. One of the ultimate "bad-luck" players ever. Without his knees breaking down, could've been on track to be remembered as one of the all time greats. He had it all.
  15. Chris Paul